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Related article: ^34 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [February experiment in this direction next year." And his lordship would appear to have found the truth when he proceeds : ** Personally I am very doubtful whether the exertion of running will much affect many batsmen. Once a batsman has got his second wind and has settled down to running at a regular pace, it really makes very little difference whether he has to run out those extra number of hits which go to the boundary. I have had some ex- perience of this myself in the last two years on a ground which has no boundary on three Lisinopril-Hctz Price sides, and by the scores which were made by the oldest cricketers plapng, I should judge that having to run out all hits makes very little difference to the batsman. On the other hand, it is per- fectly certain that such a change will not tend to make the game quicker, as batsmen will take a little time to recover their wind. There is also some risk that it will discourage brilliant fielding. A lazy field will make no bril- liant attempt to cover the ball, he will be satisfied with waiting until it has struck the boundary fence, when he can pick it up without exertion. Still the experiment is quite worth trying, and it seems to me that if this is done at Lord*s the M.C.C. will be taking a very wise course." So writes Lord Harris, and it is gratifying to find that the views of this important person accord with those ex- pressed in an article in the De- cember number of Baily on the subject of boundary hits. We dislike his lordship's idea that Lord's Cricket Ground should be made a base of operations for experimentalist Buy Cheap Lisinopril-Hctz cricket faddists: not content with recommending a trial of the running out of boun- dary hits at Lord's, although he himself says it is not likely to Purchase Lisinopril-Hctz prove successful. Lord Harris proceeds : " I very respectfully suggest that the M.C.C. might go a step further and make an ex- periment as regards the Lb.w. rule in its own matches at head- quarters, with the consent* of course, of the opposing clubs." Exigencies of space forbid our writing further upon Buy Lisinopril-Hctz this excel- lent volume, whose 506 pages afford the best value for one shilling that any cricketer can hope to possess. This,* in the words of the author, is " a short treatise on the law of chance, with an example of how I attempt to combat the eccentricities of this same law." " H." fears that the application of science to a betting system will frighten away disciples; but we think he need have little appre- hension on this point. By apply- ing his system to the jockeys, "taking three Enghsh and three American for purposes of the same," he shows a substantial profit for the season ; and so long as a system shows a balance on the right side, the confiding pun- ter will not regard any scientific element it may contain with dis- approval. Those more enquiring spirits who wish to probe the mysteries of the system must read this little pamphlet in coo- junction with an *< Essay on the Law of Chance " in the Fortnightly for March, 1894 — ** Science and Monte Carlo." ♦ " Purchase Lisinopril-Hctz Online Amongst the Jockej's of 1899." (London : Edmund Searle.) 6d. By " H.' I90O.] 135 i€ Our Van/ The War and Steepleehaaiii^— In times of peace, never a steeple- chase season Order Lisinopril-Hctz170 was allowed to pass without one or more quotations of the " poet " Bonn's line, " Let me likeasoldierfall." It was supposed to be a humorous reference to the tumbling propensities of the avers^e military rider, and the criticism came invariably from people who had never sat on a horse, much less attempted to jump the Sandown Order Lisinopril-Hctz Online fences on one. Now, with our soldier riders fall- ing in real earnest in South Africa, never to rise again, it is a different story that is told, and, as was to be expected, the men who risked their limbs and lives day by day for sport are in the forefront when it is a question of doing for the I old country. In a way we were ' saying to each other three months I ago that the war would Buy Lisinopril-Hctz Online interfere I with the steeplechasing, but few, I if any, could have realised to what : extent. The sporting element Generic Lisinopril-Hctz has ; been almost entirely Lisinopril-Hctz Tablets removed, and ' iff in previous seasons, there has i been just reason for complaint of I dnhess, what must it be now, I with scarcely a military man in : the saddle? The havoc with the ; steeplechase season has been wholesale. The abandonment of ; the Grand Military Meeting of I two days is to deprive the San- i down Park March Meeting of its chief attraction. Last year the j scene was a miniature Ascot, ! though it was March ; this year half of those who were then present, who are not on active service, will be in mourning. The Household Brigade Meeting at Hawthorn Hill is another im- portant meeting that has gone by the board, and it is scarcely pos- sible to hope that the V.W.H. Meeting completes the list. Al- dershot, where abandonment has already been announced, Cheap Lisinopril-Hctz must sufifer as severely as anywhere. It is worthy of record that the steeplechaser, March Hare, was to have been taken out to the Cape by Lord Stanley as a charger. Abandonmeiit v. PoBtponement —A Close Time.— At last the dis- satisfaction with mid-winter rac- ing is making itself heard. The expression does not yet take the form of a desire for total aboUtion, but the thin end of the wedge has been inserted in the shape of the commencement of an agitation in favour of a rule providing for the abandonment of any National Hunt Meeting that cannot be brought off on the day originally fixed. Clerks of courses, after this winter's experience; are not likely to be antagonistic to this step ; and in my, perhaps opti- mistic view, a little more bad luck in the way of weather and entries will bring about the much